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Service centre details

Support me to get Google cromecast service centre in chennai

Mukesh2 by Community Member
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Disney+ won't cast toy Chromecast

Disney+ keeps giving me an error message 43 when I try casting from my Google phone to my Chromecast. I factory reset the Chromecast, signed out of the Disney+ account, etc., yet it keeps giving me the error, on all my Chromecasts. I can watch the vi...

Chromecast help

My Chromecast 4K keeps restarting every few minutes. When I get as far as the internet setup, it never connects and then restarts.It worked fine with this TV in the past but we just moved to a new house. Wifi is working well on my phone. I had it plu...

bas98 by Community Member
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GCWGTV hangs after no usage and gets really hot.

Hello everyone, I'm having this problem: after not using the CWGTV 4K overnight I try to turn it on but it does not. I touch it and it is really hot. Unplug & plug is the only option to make it responsive.Device is up to date and so are the apps. Usa...

Chromecast assistant acting up

I have two 'chromecast with Google TV 4K' units. One is connected to a LG tv, another to a Samsung tv.I'm just now setting up the one on the Samsung tv, and the assistant is so much worse here than on the other one! If I ask this one to open up a str...

Kulekiwi by Community Member
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Google TV and anynet

HiSince 3 weeks the connections with chromecast and my Samsung TV (Anynet) no longer work. CEC Anynet from my TV is active same thing for chromecast. I changed the hdmi port from my TV but same thing. Last week Anynet have restarted to Word correctly...

Pixelated Chromecast from laptop

Using brand new high end commercial grade LG 75" monitors. When chromecasting desktop from laptops the experience is poor. Image quality pixelated and overall image quality is bad. Steaming direct on the TV using the Chromecast device is great. It's ...

DenverDTS by Community Member
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