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Need help with setup? Troubleshoot common Chromecast problems

Here are some steps I recommend to resolve issues during the setup of your Chromecast.Step 1: Things to check on your phone or tablet Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Turn off cellular/mobile data.This ensures your phone or tablet does not try to use mob...

David_K by Platinum Product Expert
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CCGTV 4K homepage still has not updated

As of 4/15/2023 the homepage on my Chromecast with Google TV 4K has not been updated to the new interface. My account picture is still in the upper right corner. After following the steps from a post by @zipfhaus posted last month, I still have the o...

rygogg by Community Member
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Подключение Chromecast

Hello Can you please tell me if I can set up and connect Chromecast mit Google TV without downloading to my Google Home phone? I can't download Google Home on my phone because this app is not in my App Store.

Svitlana by Community Member
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chromecast help

So I'm staying at a hotel where the WiFi provider needs the Mac address to give permission. To get permission I need to set up device. Since I can't set up the device to see it on my phone to get the mac address is there a way to get the mac address ...

Chromecast voice control

I'm not sure if this is the right category, but I accidentally selected "always" when asked if i want to use voice commands while searching in a music streaming app, and now when I want to search, I can't use the keyboard anymore. Can anyone help me ...

Sam990 by Community Member
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Keyboard on Chromecast TV is not working

The search app and games is not possible in order to install apps/games. It looks like keyboard is not available. I use Gboard latest release. How can I solve this issue. Thanks

Resolved! Soundbar connection problems

I've just received my new chromecast and I'm not technical I want to connect my Panasonic soundbar but I couldn't so just did through tv buy now i want to connect my soundbar instead . Help please for a total novice

Chez21 by Community Member
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Resolved! Live tab missing on google tv

recently purchased a Chromecast with google tv (4k) and realized that the 'Live' tab is missing. I live in Australia and was wondering if the live tab is only for the US.

My tv wii not comcast to my room

Just bought a brand new 43 in .Hisense RokuTV . I'm on my android Samsung galaxy checking out an adult video I try to watch the video on my big screen tv when I hit icon that allows that to happen it showed bedroom tv and started playing the video on...

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