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Resolved! Device was set up by another user, cannot proceed installation

I use a Chromecast device on my TV. This has worked fine untill I accidentally removed the TV from my Home app. Indeed, TV is no longer visible in my Home app, but the message "Install Chomecast" is now present in the app. I tried to do that, the can...

roelvdh by Community Member
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ir compatibility with Sharp LC-32CHE4042EH

I had a Xiaomi Mi Stick that I replaced with a Chromecast with Google TV mainly because of the infrared feature of the remote. Unfortunately, even if I try every combination of Sharp TV, soundbar and AV receivers, the remote ir won't work with my TV....

Steak by Community Member
  • 9 replies
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Google tv remote, input change not working

The remote works fine with volume, mute and turn on/off.The input button opens the input selection in a sidebar but I can't change. If I move up or down it's only reacting on the Google TV page I'm on.I have a Phillips TV

Yez by Community Member
  • 23 replies
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Chromecast will not connect to node wifi

My Chromecast has great trouble connecting to the Internet, and it will not download the start-up bit that needed to get you started. It’s probably because it’s in the room with a wired node that has no signal a bit soon that gets a connection by a p...

Cornforth by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Resolved! CC Google TV stuck/bricked on G logo on startup?

Hi there!My ChromeCast with google TV stopped working from one day to another over night.Maybe i failed in an update i dont now!Problem is when i plug it in et start with yellow LED til turns solid white. On the screen the "G" logo comes on, and then...

KaspersArk by Community Member
  • 20 replies
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Chromecast not getting reset

Hello,my chromecast has a solid orange light. I tried unplugging it, waited for a minute and then pressed reset button but nothing is happening. It’s showing solid orange light again. Let me know if anyone experienced same issue.Thanks

Prab by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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Chromecast with Google TV WiFi ALWAYS weak

I had almost no problems with my Chromecast with Google TV for a year or so. Loved it.Seems like about since the update to Android 12, my wifi connection has rendered it almost literally unusable.I use Nest Wi-Fi and have tried putting the mesh point...

dlogelin by Community Member
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Chromcast and wifi woes

We purchased a Chromecast unit with voice recognition a month or so ago and everything set up fine. Then a few days ago it dropped wifi connection and wouldn't reconnect. It gave us a wrong password error despite our attempts to make perfectly sure t...

RogerH by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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Chromecast automatically plays after 10 minutes

After a video on the Chromecast is paused or stopped for 10 minutes (mainly YouTube), the Chromecast disconnects like it should but then it appears to reconnect and starts playing either the last video if it was paused or it picks a random video or p...

Kari123 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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