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Chromecast setup through Home app doesn't work Read more

My Chromecast remote won’t pair. Read more

Can’t communicate to chromecast from iPhone Read more

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How to Disable chromecast on screen controls?

Chromecast updated a couple of months ago and now it displays video controls on screen when connected on youtube. I have been able to ignore most of these until I ran into videos tagged with an age restriction. A ton of sports content is tagged this ...

Hhhhh by Community Member
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Home screen keeps refreshing/reloading

The home screen of Google tv keeps reloading. I'm unable to browse any content. It loads, then switches to loading mode (shimmering boxes) then reloads again, endlessly.

Google TV with Chromecast || Sony HT-CT150 Soundbar

I recently purchased a Chromecast which I have plugged into my TV. My TV is connected to my Sony HT-CT150 sound bar with an optical cable meaning I need to use IR commands to control the soundbar from the Google TV remote. The included code set (code...

Sammy2 by Community Member
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Resolved! Chromecast ultra

How do you block other users from accessing your Chromecast ultra when staying in hotels or other places with open networks

Dotspot by Community Member
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Chromecast problems

Can't connect chromecast since changing from EE TV to BT TV

PScore by Community Member
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Nest Audio & Chromecast with Google TV

Google needs to add Nest Audio speaker and Chromecast with Google TV integration aside from a sketchy Bluetooth connection or audio only speaker groups. It's totally lacking in the TV audio department where Apple and Amazon are miles ahead. This feat...

Resolved! My Chromecast remote won’t pair.

My remote won’t pair. The led on the remote pulses slowly when the batteries are installed indicating not paired.. The Chromecast responds and works fine when addressed by my Google hub. It has worked for a year and suddenly entered this not pared mo...

Wkenmac by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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Chromecast wifi

I changed wifi company and now i cant connect my chromecast doesnt connect to the new wifi.

Iannick by Community Member
  • 5 replies
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Connecter ma TV a Google home

Je n' arrive pas a connecter ma TV a ma nest hub via Google home.merci de vos reponse

Tiph28 by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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YouTube on Android is consistantly crashing when cast to any device.

I am having unresolved issues casting the YouTube app to any of my devices. The issue started a few months ago. I start casting and almost exactly 3 minutes into a video there is an error message on my phone screen and Chromecast just goes back to th...

SaltyStu by Community Member
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