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New Chromecast with Google TV (HD) now available! Read more

Watch the feed from your Nest Cam & Nest Doorbell right on your TV Read more

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Chromecast setup through Home app doesn't work, infinite loop Read more

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Resolved! Flickering Chromecast

Hi!This started after a couple times using the google chromecast. When I move onto an app, what ever I am watching will flicker. This is across multiple apps. It goes away and come back. Think of returning unless it can be fixed

Chromecast with GoogleTV Android 12 issues

Hello! I recently upgraded android to version 12, however, there are multiple issues with the new software.First, my IPTV app no longer works - it crashes right after the launch. Second, I can't watch Netflix normally - it shows this error each time ...

martinsu by Community Member
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Problem with ios to chromecast

My iPhone device is having problems with the setup part. When i try to finish the setup and finish connecting wifi, it say something along the lines of “even this the device may be set up, were having problems communicating with your iPhone device…” ...

Jasyiah-k by Community Member
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Chromecast not recognized by Home app

BlogSpeakers and DisplaysCameras and DoorbellsChromecastThermostatsProtectWifiApps / AccountNest AwareHome AutomationSecuritySmart Home Developer ForumI'm having the same issue as this user was. Unfortunately, their thread was locked before anybody h...

Zepper by Community Member
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Account Already Exists?

My chrome cast has been working perfectly fine, and I came home to no accounts being displayed. I sign into my account and it says my account already exists. I have restarted my chrome cast several times, and force stopped Google play services. I als...

reychull by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Apps inside Chromecast glitch

Picture in Chromecast apps glitches. It can come across as garbled with tiny color blocks, vertical lines and general fuzzy picture. This is mostly with any change or movement on the screen. The same apps installed on TV directly work just fine but a...

Bmcmah68 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Chromcast 4K gradually dimming SOLVED

I have a 2 yr old Samsung 55 in TV. I purchased the Chrome 4k with YoutubeTV just one day ago. My issue was my TV screen would start gradually dimming and I have searched to see that a lot of people have this problem. I was about to return the Chrome...

Volume control not working properly with Bluetooth speakers

I have the same problem as talked about here: cannot increase/decrease bluetooth volume after last googletv update with the googl...

TimWetter by Community Member
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