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New Chromecast with Google TV (HD) now available! Read more

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Need help with setup? Troubleshoot common Chromecast problems

Here are some steps we recommend to resolve issues during the setup of your Chromecast.Step 1: Things to check on your phone or tablet Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Turn off cellular/mobile data.This ensures your phone or tablet does not try to use mo...

davidking by Platinum Product Expert
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Resolved! Chromecast needs reboot with home theater

My Chromecast is connected to the HDMI input from my home theater. When I select this input Chromecast is not working. Only if I reboot (pull power supply and reconnect) it starts up. How can i avoid this?Should I connect the USB to a port in the tv,...

Iazaueba by Community Member
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Chromecast ambient mode

I currently have an ongoing inquiry about this issue, but now I am getting upset because after sending in information about this for the past 2 months Google is asking the SAME questions and wants the SAME information sent in again, for the 3rd time!...

duglop by Community Member
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Resolved! Chromecast 4.0 - does it support A2DP Bluetooth profile?

I'm considering buying a sound bar to my TV room but I wanted to check if it will work with my Chromecast first.A sound bar I'm thinking about is Creative Stage Air V2. I mailed Creative asking if this model supports Chromecast but it turns out that ...

Yabaddi by Community Member
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Chromecast - Smarters Lite

The connection is only for 20 secs before disconnecting. I think the problem is adding the app through the assistant but don’t know how as Smarters lite app is not in the list available it used to work but doesn’t now.

CW522 by Community Member
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Chrome cast with Google tv stuck on loading screen

I attempted to do a factory reset on the physical device by holding down on the little button but still stuck on loading screen . I unplugged the device for 24hrs and attempted again, same result.

Chromcast is not turning on or off tv

Cromcast in my 2 tvs are not turning tv on or off or changing volume. They only display on comand YouTube videos or sling.

Cora10 by Community Member
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Blaupunkt possible compatible code

Hi everyone, I have a Blaupunkt BN32H1032EEB in my house and this brand does not exist in the Chromecast library. I was successful in using the brand Caixum.Hope this helps

Stops casting when trying to cast live videos from YouTube

Hello. When trying to cast live videos from YouTube, it stops and shows a message on a right side stating that I have some kind of restriction mode anabled and I need to change that in some settings. But I have not turned on any restriction mode and ...

Yuri_WA by Community Member
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