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Chromecast obsolescence

Stops receiving WiFi signal every 5 to 13 minutes. Recast reconnects instantly. Forums say they only last 2-3 years. Is this true? Do I ditch my 2 yr old Chromecast?

Wadsal by Community Member
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Xiaomi MiBox chromecast built-in speaker group

Hi,The Xiaomi MiBox chromecast built-in is not available to add to a speaker group, why not?It connects to Home app, and can cast and control, but Home does not allow me to add to a speaker group

Erich by Community Member
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Chromecast and Verification

I’ve had to reset my Google password, set up 2FA and log out of all devices.Now Chromecast on my TV wants me to verify it's me but it won't let me sign in.What do I do next?

Google TV flashes to Static

Our Google TV occasionally flashes picture modes and ends on white static. Issue can be resolved after unplugging and plugging it back in but this happens about once a day.Tv itself is fine and other devices work fine without this issue. We've also t...

Whyfi by Community Member
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Disabling Dolby vision

Is there a way to disable Dolby vision on Chromecast with google Tv? My tv does a really bad job of colors and brightness in dolby vision which made me hate Dolby Vision and the lack of option to choose HDR vs Dolby Vision so I was wondering if there...

Lostgod91 by Community Member
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Seriously, I'm going to return this trash.My Chromecast is sitting in Ambient Mode.I cast Spotify.Now it's on the GOD **bleep** HOME SCREEN for no reason, showing ADS and a mostly static screen. THIS WILL RUIN MY **bleep**ING TV.WHAT THE **bleep** DO...

Resolved! Chromecast missing when in phone/tablet mode

Chromecast missing when in phone/tablet mode in Chrome recently. IF I enable "Desktop" mode in Chrome the icon is available.Why has it gone missing in phone/tablet mode?! It works in other apps like Pandora, Youtube, Google Home etc. But in Chrome is...

Tiny subtitles when casting.

1/26/2022 it was working fine now both Disney+ and Star+ have really tiny subtitles. Already changed the subtitles on my phone and web to be big but they are still small on the chromecast (3rd gen)Any solution?

ab2 by Community Member
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