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Chromcast continues playing but link is lost

At random times Chromecast is playing but Home and the relevant app e.g. YouTube, Chrome, Disney+, Netflix show that casting is off and Home sometimes says that Chromecast isn't there. Chromecast continues playing the entire time. Eventually it recon...

CameronBW by Community Member
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Chromecast Google TV not able to Switch projector power on and off

I plugged in the Chromecast Google TV HDMI to my LG projector and did the set up. While it is able to cast all the Apps, the Google TV remote does not allow me to switch on and off the projector power. Tried adding the device and setting up the power...

PKS by Community Member
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YouTube App pending to download

Hi there! My YouTube on my Chromecast was acting funny so i decided to reinstall it.Only that unpon reinstalling, is not Pending with no signs of actual download. I have clear out all the cache to make sure is space, but i don't know what else to do....

AdaP by Community Member
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Windows 11 casting desktop to Chromecast Ultra severe lag

I just reinstalled my PC, formerly on Windows 10, now on Windows 11. When casting my desktop in Windows 11 to Chromecast Ultra this results in servere lag on the screen of the Chromecast. I did not have any issues using Windows 10. Is there a bug in ...

DrDilan by Community Member
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Resolved! Chromecast

Jag har ett problem med en chromecast. Den är från början kopplad med ett Wi-Fi nätverk men jag vill nu byta till ett annat Wi-Fi nätverk och har inte tillgång till det Wi-Fi som den är kopplad till. Går det på något sätt att återställa chromecasten ...

89 by Community Member
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Resolved! Google Home Can't find Google TV Chromecast after software update

I just got Google TV and installation went well, but after software update can't find it any more from Google Home. I did factory reset (by pushing button) and still can't find it. Tried to install as a new device and still can't find my new Google T...

AA14 by Community Member
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Audio stream stops once a day

every day somewhere between 13:00 and 17:00 the audio stream stops, because chromecast audio requests a new IP-address. In my router I see following sequences:Jan ############:48:15 Arcadyan VRV9517 v6 dhcpd: DHCPDISCOVER from 54:60:09:ea...

Berg_T by Community Member
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Broken chromcast

I’m not exactly sure what gen chrome cast it is but I’ve recently been given one for my birthday and after plugging it in it said it was gonna restart and then the led stopped turning on. I’ve tried turning it off for a minute and the factory reset b...

Grant2 by Community Member
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Freeview app for Google TV

Hi, I bought the Chromecast with Google TV thinking I would be able to install the "full" freeview app (rather than the freeview play app) to get a unified viewing experience without having to jump around the different broadcaster apps but I can't fi...

DaveC1 by Community Member
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