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Need help with setup? Troubleshoot common Chromecast problems

Here are some steps I recommend to resolve issues during the setup of your Chromecast.Step 1: Things to check on your phone or tablet Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Turn off cellular/mobile data.This ensures your phone or tablet does not try to use mob...

David_K by Platinum Product Expert
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Can’t see my new chrome cast on the Google Home app

I’m trying to connect a new chromecast. I have downloaded the Google Home app. When I try to connect a new device, the app does not recognize any devices. The chromecast is on with a steady white LED light. What is my next step?

Afpiepkorn by Community Member
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Chromecast kid profiles won't load apps

I can't load apps on my kids' profiles. I've set up their profiles, but when I go to Manage Apps I get the spinning load sign indefinitely. Apps load fine in the adult profiles. I've searched similar posts and have tried the recommended actions:1. Re...

Teryl by Community Member
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Chromecast TV stop working

I saw an article about this issue, I already tried all the answers provided, I have two chromecast and one of them stop working and was just spinning, I change de HDMI port, I change the TV, I change the power cable, button don’t change the color the...

Morro by Community Member
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Не могу подключить свой телефон к smart tv 

Chromecast wont boot

My chromecast randomly buffered and shutdown while watching Hulu. It never came back on on its own. The remote still controlled input and power. I hard reboot it and it is now stuck on the Google G. No amount of time holding the reset button effects ...

Chromecast 4K pixelating when menu scrolling and video.

I have TWO Chromecast 4K w/ GTV and they both do this on different TVs. I'll wake up the device and when I start menu navigation, each time something scrolls or basically any movement happens, the screen shows pixelization mostly across the lower thi...

xerobane by Community Member
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Can’t communicate to chromecast from iPhone

Hi, Can’t communicate to chromecast from iPhone. I don’t get past the message: “could not communicate with chromecast”. Changed recently from wifi provider. Please advice

Sofiad by Community Member
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Chrome Will Not Optimize Full Screen On Google Smart TV

Hi all,Weird issue I've been experiencing. Before I got the Google Smart TV I was just using the separate Chromecast to cast FuboTV from my desktop to the Chromecast. It was working great, always optimized right away and I didn't have to have it ask ...

Casting Qobuz App to Vizio TV

Qobuz app on MacBook Pro (13.1) casting to Vizio from TV to Denon AVR via HDMI/ARC. Google WiFi mesh network with nearest hockey puck about 6 feet away from the TV that has Chromecast Built-In.Tracks will play fine when selecting the ...

russ_777 by Community Member
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