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Help! Chromecast was set up successfully but cannot be found

Hello! I am trying to set up a 3rd gen chrome cast at my work. I have been trying to connect it for a bout a week now, but keep running into the same issue: Turn off AP isolation, we checked with AT&T and our router does not have this setting. I read...

RMHCMaine by Community Member
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Chromecast Remote Draining batteries is a real issue

With all the continued complaints about Chromecast with the Letter G remote battery draining issue. I dont understand how this issue hasnt managed to hit every review and complaint forum. Leaving it up to the customer is bad for business for the Goog...

Resolved! Chromecast not casting

I did a factory reset on my Chromecast and rebooted my router and now I can't cast to my tv. Stadia is set up and my ambient is set up as I had it before but no casting. My Google home is linked to all my streaming services but my tv option does not ...

Resolved! Connected but "connecting..."

This issue is a new one for me. Its with my samsung phone while other phones and tablets are unaffected in the house and still work perfectly with our two chromecast devices (2nd gen I think as well as the new one with google tv)The cast icon no long...

BoggyB by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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Chromcast won't connect through Home app

Chromecast won't connect through the Home app. I've gone through the whole procedure, it says connected and gives you the 4 character code, click on the wifi ssid and it says "Cannot connect - check your input". I've done numerous factory resets on t...

WayneT22 by Community Member
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2 things I was interested in having in Streamer

2 things I was interested in having in Streamer.1. Option by voice switch to INPUT.2. Option by voice to control the volume not only in the HDMI to which the streamer is fire tv There are 2 of these options.The problem is that you have t...

ofir by Community Member
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Always goes back to the beginning

My issue is that when I pause a TV show with my Chromecast, and then I restart it, it always goes back to the beginning. It doesn't continue at the pause point. I figure it has to be a problem with my Chromecast bc if i just watch the show on my phon...

Start a movie from the beginning

How do you start a movie from the beginning? When watching a movie that was previously watched it starts at the point last watched but cannot go back to the beginning without holding the back button and essentially rewinding it. Is there a better way...

ajgonzalez by Community Member
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Resolved! Both Youtube apps stopped casting?

This is very odd. 24 hours ago all 7 android devices all stopped casting using either YouTube or YouTube Music. My devices are 4 google smart speakers and 2 Chromecasts. I am running latest versions of apps. I have restarted all hardware. I have clea...

EgStanton by Community Member
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