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Cannot setup chromecast

I have a chromecast that I've been using on my non-smart TV and recently we took it with us on holiday where it wouldn't connect. Brought it back home and it still wouldn't connect or setup. We got new WiFi, now the chromecast won't let me connect th...

Remote Control not working on soundbar

Hello,I have a Majority Sierra Plus Dolby Atmos Soundbar with Subwoofer and a Google Chromecast 3rd Generation.I have attempted to add the Chromecast remote control to my soundbar. The soundbar manufacturer (Majority) is listed in the settings page. ...

Resolved! Chrome cast

I do not have a smart tv in my bedroom, just a plasma. I never had trouble using my 1st generation chrome cast while I had 2.4 router, now that I’ve grown up, ( I’m 63), I finally upgraded to a Netgear03 but my old chrome cast will not work, it’s not...

Mamacat by Community Member
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Resolved! Unable to cast to ChromeCast2 from tablet

I hadn't used my ChromeCast 2 for a few days and then found I couldn't connect from my Lenovo E10 tablet (running Android 8.1.0). I've tried various things, eventually reinstalling the ChromeCast device. The reinstall completed and I can send command...

NeilM1 by Community Member
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Ambient mode

Ambient mode comes on about every hour while I'm watching a show, is there a way to disable or control ambient mode?

Casting from android to tv

For some reason when I try to connect to my TV, it starts to connect, but then it flashes white and sends back to the home screen. I have tried restarting my phone and the chrome USB but nothing has worked.

Resolved! Multiple sources in Live Guide

Really do live the Chromecast TV. There does however seem to be one big miss.Users should be able to show BOTH plutitv and YouTube TV in the live channels guide. Pluto is rhe default, but as soon as you add YouTubeTV as a source, Pluto vanishes. Remo...

Amphicar by Community Member
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Chromecast remote isn't working

HeubgiusMy Google tv remote has suddenly stopped working.I've changed batteries and the little orange light still comes on but it does absolutely no functionality with the actual tv. I can't get it to turn on or do anything.... I've tried resetting t...

Blondd87 by Community Member
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