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Keyboard and mouse with Chromecast + Google TV // issues

Hi,after connecting Keyboard and mouse trough USB receiver to Chromecast TV with Google TV, there are some issue with using such setup.1. Right click of mouse does not work at all, I assumed that it could work as backward button. Left click and scrol...

MarianM by Community Member
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Chromecast solid white light and no picture

Hi, I have a 2nd Gen Chromecast. I moved my TV to a different area of the lounge, once I plugged it back in the chromecast comes on with a solid white light but no picture. I tried resetting it as discribed on the manual and web page but doesn't rese...

DwayneG by Community Member
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Chromecast intermitent blackout

Recently (say in last month) whilst casting (using 3515 ethernet adapter) BBC or YouTube to TV (LG 32LV55OT) from Mac Book or Moto G6, the TV screen goes black for 1 second then casting resumes. The drop-outs get more and more frequent until it becom...

Resolved! Chromecast unable to connect to Nest WiFi

Today I connected our new nest system to my existing Google Wi-Fi network, Previously I had an IP modem from fiber box then a google Wi-Fi from there. Now it's fiber to Google Nest Router, in doing this I'm no longer able to connect to 2 Chromecast d...

Chromecast was set up but successfully but cant be found

I know there was at least one prior post on this subject, but I certainly didn't experience a solution. My Chromecast has been misbehaving lately for no apparently reason. Upon factory reset, then set up, I get the above message. The pro[posed soluti...

Stickman by Community Member
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Chromecast Not Working - Update Failure

My chromecast suddenly stopped working about two days ago. It tries to update itself but gets stuck at 0%, then says network error. I've restarted my router (working fine for all other devices), my TV and the chromecast itself. I've tried resetting t...

Jessica6 by Community Member
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Can't connect Chromecast to be router

Got a new router and have reconnected all my devices except for Chromecast on my tv. It kept reading the old network so I did a reset on dongle. However it still won't recognize new network. The Home app told me to download Device Utility app but I s...

Baglady by Community Member
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Chromecast Public wifi issue

When we connect to public wifi in a hotel, i can see all other chromecast connected on the same wifi which make me think i am being hacked.Whenever anyone using same network operates chromecast i am being notified about who is using and this make me ...

bhadrik by Community Member
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Resolved! Connection

I have changed my network the home app is showing that it cannot communicating with chrome cast what can I do reset my chrome castShowing that chromecast is made in other country