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New on Google TV: Control your TV with your phone

Watch it in action on YouTube Starting today, you can find something great to watch on your Google TV even when the couch has eaten your remote. We’ve built remote-control features directly into your Android phone so you can power on your TV, navigat...

Grace by Community Manager (Admin)
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Cant cast on ps4 app remote play

cant screen cast remote play for my chrome cast, it works half way then the screen goes black and i cant see remote play.

IR Blaster is extremely weak

My brand new Chromecast remote can only drive my TCL TV when I am within about 3 feet. It is definitely not an angle or interference issue. If I am 4 feet away, the TV does not register any IR commands. The original TCL remote works from 20 feet back...

PeschelE1 by Community Member
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Google Assistant Command to Switch CWGTV to Ambient Mode?

I had a Chromecast Ultra and a custom routine that turned on my Chromecast (which turned on my TV) every morning, and the Ultra always defaulted into Ambient/ Screensaver mode displaying my photos. Recently updated to Chromecast with Google TV and ev...

cgtvdude by Community Member
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Resolved! Google Home can't find Chromecast

I have a first-gen Chromecast. It has worked fine for years. Just changed internet providers. Now the Chromecast can't find the new wifi. So I loaded the Google Home app to my iPad Pro (ML0T2LL/A) OS 14.8. Unfortunately, my google home app can't find...

gdawg20 by Community Member
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can't cast screen

I try to cast screen from Samsung tablet and it shows someone else TV

Eagle22 by Community Member
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Error message simulcasting

Error message when trying to simulcast World of Wonder app. Was working fine a couple of days ago

Vito by Community Member
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