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Playback error

I use IPTV smarters pro. Since I bought the chromecast with google tv, about less than one year, I face a consistent issue with connectivity and it seems to be present using google device. On the other hand, I have a smart tv that has the application...

Taldabash by Community Member
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Itv hub on Chromecast with Google TV

Just bought a Chromecast with Google tvThe itv hub app presents a grey screen I have tried uninstallng and reinstalling but no differenceThe version is 1.5.3Is this the correct/current version?

Rodger by Community Member
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I just purchased a Chromecast. I’m trying to set it up. The app Indicates I’m connected but nothing is casting to my TV

Gregory83 by Community Member
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Chromecast won't connect and keeps freezing

I have issues casting from both chrome and apps - I've tried rebooting and factory resets multiple times. When it does actually connect the video will play and then freeze for long periods of time.

ash-maffs by Community Member
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Google Chromecast

I am using a Chromecast gen 2 NC2-6A5. It was working just fine till yesterday. It seems there was an update today and it got stuck at 0% for an hour or so and didn't update. I rebooted the router, wifi, created a new room, factory reset Chromecast m...

VS1 by Community Member
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Google TV remote has frozen up.

When batteries are inserted, light starts pulsating. Can't switch it off. Can't use the remote. Have tried the various suggested solutions , but no success.

Pat49 by Community Member
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Older chrome cast

Well I’ve had this thing for a while and it’s always had it’s quirks but after being unplugged once to move the tv it refuses to even connect, I can’t even detect it with any device. As expected this is very frustrating since I know it worked not lon...

Meg113 by Community Member
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Could not communicate with chromecast from your iphone

This is basically a reboot of many other threads, e.g. My chromecast worked perfectly as of yesterday. Today it didn't appear as a device to...

nkm by Community Member
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