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change the 2 big icon app suggestions

Above my app list ribbon i have two massive squares with what appear to be shortcuts to my apps.Problem is the very first of them is apple tv that i have unisntalled as i don't use or even have.Is there a way to 'promote' my preferred apps from the b...

riga by Community Member
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Will this work in India?

Dear All,If 1 of these Chromecast with Google TV was bought in the US, will it also work in another region like India to be specific. Some features like Recommendation might not work but that's okay. Just wanted to know if I will be able to download ...

keneth_c by Community Member
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chrome cast unable to be set up after reset

hi my chromecast had stopped working so i reset it with the button and now everytime i try to set it up it either won’t connect to the wifi or will connect to the wifi but says it can’t communicate with my phone (local network thingy is on in my sett...

JR27 by Community Member
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Resolved! Cannot switch user profile for YouTube TV with Google TV/Chromecast

I have setup multiple user profiles for our newly purchased YouTube TV subscription. When I view YouTube TV on a computer, clicking on the icon for the current user causes a dropdown menu to appear with the other users listed. Simply clicking on anot...

MaryMA by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Ability to block BBC iPlayer suggestions

The Chromecast with Google TV suggests BBC iPlayer content to us, despite not having iPlayer installed.We choose not to have a TV licence, so cannot watch iPlayer, but the Google TV insists upon telling us to watch shows from iPlayer.I'm sure that I'...

rogere84 by Community Member
  • 9 replies
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lip sync correction in chromecase with google TV

Hi,Currently I have a Chromecast with Google TV connected to my 10 year old TV and it is working great. I am watching regular TV, netflix and youtube. No issues with this setup. Now I am planning to extend this setup with a sound bar and I have been ...

davedj by Community Member
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