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New Chromecast with Google TV (HD) now available! Read more

Watch the feed from your Nest Cam & Nest Doorbell right on your TV Read more

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Looking for Weak 4K Link

My goal is to pass a 4K Video signal from my router to a Chromecast/Google TV to a Yamaha Receiver and then to an LG OLED television.Each component supports 4K (according to OEM documentation) and the LG TV displays 4K when a signal is streamed direc...

Lobalobo by Community Member
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New Chromecast 4k repeatedly broadcasting wrong SSID

Chromecast 4k on older LG TV shows up as LG Soundbar. Can't connect to Chromecast as SSID isn't showing I have rebooted both Chromecast and router with the same issue reoccurring. What do I do now??

Nodoz by Community Member
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Resolved! How do I submit photos to Google to be displayed in Ambient mode?

Hello,I wanted to know how the photos that are displayed in the Ambient mode of Chromecast are selected?I would like to submit some of my photos to be part of these photos as well. Please let me know what is the process for it. thanks,Anshuman

ansmat by Community Member
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Glitch every 5 seconds

Glitch every 5 seconds on my Philips monitor(276E8). And there is a grey square on the left top corner. 2 hdmi inputs got same issue. However my computer works fine with it. Chromecast with google tv also updated to the latest version.Not sure if it ...

TzTung by Community Member
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Resolved! Chromecast Audio

I would like to see Chromecast offer a dongle employing a higher quality DAC and possibly MQA support with the HDMI dongle. This would be an amazing time for Google to offer a product based on this type of device due to the hugely increasing market s...

andykay by Community Member
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Resolved! Google tv remote center button becoming unresponsive

The center button on our remote is becoming unresponsive. All the other buttons function normally but we have to press the center button repeatedly for it to activate. Given it's the selection button, it makes things very difficult.I can't find any i...

PhDad by Community Member
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Resolved! Can’t pair my brand new chromecast with google tv

Need some help here. I just bought my new chromecast with google tv and have been stuck on the first “Start pairing” screen with no ending pairing check mark. I turned on and off many times my router, the chromecast , my android phone, etc. I am sure...

aopf1960 by Community Member
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Resolved! Phone won't connect to devices

My phone won't connect to any devices - Chromecast, nest speakers, nest hub etc - unless the phone has been restarted.After a phone restart it will connect to devices once but if the phone locks it won't connect again unless the phone is restarted ag...

shadowtam by Community Member
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