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Resolved! chromecast

Just got a chrome cast, no issues casting from android.Laptop win 10, cannot cast. Watchin Youtube. click on the more button. click on cast. I see the Samsung Tv.Will not let me select, says below available for specific video sites.???? Please assit.

Resolved! Cast from PC to TV stops after a few minutes

Hi,I am casting a Google Docs Tab to the TV and it stops after a couple of minutes.When I look for settings in google home, it shows up blank and I have altered all the settings I can see on the TV and under our profile on the TV. Any help would be a...

PennyInd by Community Member
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Resolved! Wifi Toggle Issues

The Wifi still toggles to off randomly. This is obviously a bug that has been reported for years as far as I can see - e.g. The only workaround which doesn...

chrisgaun by Community Member
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Resolved! Chrome cast

Help! I did a hard factory reset on my chrome cast since I switched wifi. Now, I can’t find it when I log in to my google home.

Lise by Community Member
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Resolved! Chromecast does not work with Prime

Chromecast works with YouTube TV but not Amazon Prime. This issue is new today. In Prime, the icon to cast is dark, and when pressed the usual little rectangle "cast to" appears but is dark and does not suggest a target (e.g. "living room tv")

lawdog by Community Member
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Resolved! Chromecast. Google TV

I installed this device last Friday Nothing but confusion ; problems and not getting what I request from ' Assistant ' Such as Cleveland , Ohio TV Stations for the morning LIve News not news clips from two summers ago!I last tried this morning then r...

vonPyyP by Community Member
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Resolved! Buletooth Support

Hi!I have a 3rd gen which do not support Bluetooth for my wireless speakers as audio out.Can the Chromecast Google TV supports it? Thank you

kelibraga by Community Member
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