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New on Google TV: Control your TV with your phone

Watch it in action on YouTube Starting today, you can find something great to watch on your Google TV even when the couch has eaten your remote. We’ve built remote-control features directly into your Android phone so you can power on your TV, navigat...

Grace by Community Manager (Admin)
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Chromecast keeps disconnecting

I see there are two other posts on this topic, but no solutions. I have Google Home on Motorola G7 Play, Android 10. This problem has been much worse since we changed ISP from Virgin Media to BT Internet. I am on the full fibre package, currently run...

Majikthyse by Community Member
  • 19 replies
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Remote won't record programs

When trying to record programs from the guide, remote skips channels and works extremely slow.

Resolved! Bluetooth audio support for multiple devices with Chromecast

While it's possible to simultaneously connect multiple Bluetooth devices to a Chromecast with Google TV, it seems that the current Chromecast firmware only broadcast audio to the most recently connected device.This behavior is quite the opposite to m...

rusty42 by Community Member
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Resolved! Chromecast + Google TV. APP issues

I just upgraded from my first generation Chromecast to the new google TV Chromecast with the remote I can stream or cast seamlessly from my iPhone12 But anytime I try to use my remote and select an app the contents will not play -except You tube -My ...

Resolved! Screen Oreintation

Hi, i was wondering if i am able to change the display orientation to portrait and how i may do so, as i am working on a smart home project and would like to use my spare chromecast for a smart display.Thank you to anybody who can help with this issu...

Flynalyn by Community Member
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Resolved! Ethernet connection not working on Chromecast with Google TV

I can't get ethernet connection working on my Chromecast with Google TV. * I'm using an HP Usb C minidock (* This minidock is working on my laptop. Ethernet connection on my laptop...

Resolved! Speaker group

I would like to know if this device (chromecast w/google tv) can perfectly in speaker group. And also if different smart speaker such as harman kardon citation can work in speaker group too.

gab3ur by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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Resolved! Chromecast thinks ap isolation is active but it's not

I've owned my Chromecast for a while and had it previously set up at a different property and different router. now we've moved, it first refused to find the new router connection so i figured in some way it must be trying to connect with old setting...

arushnz by Community Member
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Resolved! casting from iphone to Chromecast with google tv

I have a chromecast with google tv and an iPhone 12. Is it possible to mirror my phone to this chromecast. I have tried everything except paying for an app.

Toddndaz by Community Member
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