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Problem with start chromecast audio

Hi, my chromecast audio wont start. When the power is turned on, the orange LED and spdif immediately light up. Nothing changes even when I try to reset the device. If before connecting the power supply I hold the reset pressed, for about 2 seconds t...

WitekMr by Community Member
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Chromecast with Google TV remote disconnects

So I previously purchased a Chromecast with Google TV about a year ago. The chromecast was plugged into the HDMI port of a projector along with a Vizio soundbar. When I first set everything up I was able to put the volume control of the google TV rem...

ooma18 by Community Member
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Youtube disconnects when new notification arrives.

Youtube casting from my android phone stops when new youtube notification arrives. The playlist is disrupted and I have to make a new one. It happens to all my devices. There is no issue with my internet connection or home wifi network. Firmware and ...

Athinard by Community Member
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Newer Chromecast Wifi Toggle Issues

Bought a new chromecast. The one with the remote to replace an older chromecast. We replaced the older chromecast because we wanted one with a remote. In the middle of watching a show you would see a notification that says “Wifi connection lost”. Whe...

Mrscottyj by Community Member
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Resolved! Chromecast with Google tv region issues

Hi allI am in Mexico City. I bought a Chromecast with Google TV on Amazon. From what I can tell it’s a “standard” US version. Turns out I can’t watch CNN, can’t watch the Criterion Channel, and a lot more. I have a VPN and it’s not helping. I don’t r...


Necesito que alguien me ayude, estoy configurando el home pero cuanto estoy a punto de terminar, me sale una ventana de "no se puede establecer conexión porque el dispositivo no esta fabricado aquí" y no sé que hacer!!! Ayudaaa!!! :'(

Resolved! Setting up cromecast on my tv

I don't have a smart tv. I am trying to set up cromecast through the app. On my tv it says setting up your tvFollow the instructions in the Google home app There are no instructions coming up? How do I set up my tv if it is not a smart tv?

Helz by Community Member
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Resolved! Chromecast suggestions for services I don't have

Hello all,I used to have Hulu. Now, just YouTube TV and Netflix. I bought a Chromecast with Remote and couldn't be happier. My Side-Click add-on remote makes it awesome. However, I have cancelled Hulu and signed out and uninstalled the Hulu app from ...

curtc by Community Member
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