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Need help with setup? Troubleshoot common Chromecast problems

Here are some steps I recommend to resolve issues during the setup of your Chromecast.Step 1: Things to check on your phone or tablet Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Turn off cellular/mobile data.This ensures your phone or tablet does not try to use mob...

David_K by Platinum Product Expert
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Can't Add Device (Soundbar) Chromecast 4K

I recently bought a brand new Chromecast 4k maybe 2 weeks ago. Had no issues with initial setup and update but have not been able to add a device, in particular the soundbar, at all. Consistently get "Something went wrong" after clicking on soundbar....

coatlegs by Community Member
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Chromecast Alarms can create but not delete

The Google Chromecast TV device has a problem with the alarms. You can ask Google to create an alarm and it wonderfully does it for you, but then you cannot manage delete change or do anything with that alarm afterwards it will nonstop to annoy you f...

Curtigb by Community Member
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Resolved! MAC address for Chromecast with google tv

Hi,for me to connect my chromecast to my wifi, I need to get a MAC address for the chromecast. However I can’t find anything. I’ve been trying for the past 3 hours to connect to the wifi but nothing is working. I cannot even set it up on the Google h...

Shayma by Community Member
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Factory Reset doesn't work

Hi!We've just moved and I'm trying to set up our chromecast Ultra in our new home. I was not the one who set it up last time so naturally I got the "please do a factory reset" message. I have now done a manual factory reset three times(holding the bu...

MarieM by Community Member
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No Chromecast settings in Google Home

I cannot access the Chromecast Settings in Google Home. To adjust volume, it says I have to go to Chromecast/Remote settings, but the button/gearbox doesn't exist for me to select. I recorded the issue:

Chromecast won't start

When I try to setup Chromecast on my LG TV the word "Chromecast" is displayed and then the Goggle spinning logo is shown, but when it disappears the TV just shows the HDMI (1) pictures. Also, I have no "cast" option when I click the three dots in top...

roypaun by Community Member
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Cannot turn off Samsung TV

What's the trick with HDMI CEC and Samsung TVs?I have a couple of Samsung FrameTVs and the HDMI CEC is inconsistent with the Chromecasts. I have CEC enabled on both the TVs and Chromecasts. The power button on the Chromecast turns the TV on with no p...

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