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Casting Google Photos to Chromecast connected to basic TV

So I decided to digitise all of my historic photos and upload them to Google Photos. I then re-ordered / re-dated the photos into years. Also each time I take a new photos they are automatically added to my Google Photos account where I now have a ti...

Fyl by Community Member
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Remote powers TV on but not off

I just installed a Chromecast with Google TV on a 5 year old Vizio TV. Setup went well. The only issue I've noticed is that the remote will power the TV on but not off. When I use the power button to try to turn the TV off, the Chromecast shuts down ...

Weege by Community Member
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Stream player suddenly not working.

Basically, I'll be watching streams online on players that are chromecast compatible, and then all of a sudden said player will suddenly no longer work. The chromecast will still be there, but when it tries to connect the TV doesn't load the video, s...

Optimizing video doesn't work consistently

Hi thereThere's some websites I stream from regularly, but they don't have their own casting fuction.That's why I just cast the tab when I want to view something from those websites.I can only do this when I'm not doing anything else though (or when ...

Sep by Community Member
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Chromecast on different network

Hi, I have 2 different networks whitch are tunnelled together.. I can ping chromecast from both connections, but connect to Chromecats only from one. How can I manage to cast from 2 different networks? I can make any type of tunnel between those.

Google Assistant not available on profile

My chromecast says assistant is not available in my profile. I have factory reset and changed profiles but no luck. How do I use the assistant from the remote. This seems like a downgrade from the first Gen.

Chilt by Community Member
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