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Chromecast remote turns of Soundbar

When I use my remote's volume down button it shuts down my sound bar. It started about two weeks ago. It doesn't happen with any other button. It doesn't happen with the Samsung remote for the tv. The sound bar's volume is controlled through the tv. ...

API to disassociate google account from Youtube App

Hi all, I have a shared Chromecast between different persons (at the hospitality market).With the recent changes at the Youtube app I'm having problems due to privacy concerns and I needed to block the usage of Youtube app.Is there any API to disasso...

Maia by Community Member
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"Available for specific video sites"

Recently all of the Chromecasts (Gen 2, 3 & Ultra) on our network have been giving the error of "Available for specific video sites" and we cannot cast any tab from google chrome to them. Nothing from Google, Youtube, Netflix is able to get casted ho...

FrankieL by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Resolved! Display panel

Hi, I have a hisence TV with Google chromecast device. Easy to use and has voice button. Today there’s a display panel that’s blocking use of apps. It’s for a system upgrade (usually automatic) and I can’t navigate into the display panel to press ‘la...

RachelK by Community Member
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CHROMECAST audio not casting today

My speaker which has the dongle attached isnt showing in my casting list. I use this everyday to listen to Spotify and podcasts and have never had an issue. Nothing has changed in my set up at home and there are no other users in the house. Help.

Susan4 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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chromecast tv stopped connectiing to the wifi

Chromecast cn see the wifi it saves the connection but will not connect it used to work quite well until it was turned off with the tv. The tv it is attached to connects to the wifi the satellite box connects to the wfi the dvd player connects to the...

king_45 by Community Member
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Resolved! Chromecast

Hi guys Im trying to cast google chrome online streaming from my fone to tv thru chromecast and its not casting. Bit when i cast from YouTube it does cast Can someone explain why cant i cast from google chrome to chromecast

Lisa1 by Community Member
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Resolved! Remote

Tv remote not working 

Jscidmore by Community Member
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