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Gmail account recovery

Community Member

Gmail account recovery

Dear Google team,


My phone recently got formated and I lost all my data after that day I'm trying to recover my account but not able to. There are no such OTC options.

So please this is my request to google team to recover my account.


Any information you need further to help me recover my account can contact me


Warm Regards,

  • Vakeel khan

Community Member

Gmail passwords are unmanageable without password manager. However, passwords can be troubling even after using the password manager as you can’t use your password manager on other person’s device. Hence, to rescue you from Gmail password problems, we bring some facile recovery steps for your Gmail account. No matter whether you login from your own smart phone or other person’s smart phone, both Gmail ID and password can be recovered easily in just 7 minutes here!!

Steps to recover Gmail ID on smart phone


To start with, open the Gmail app on your phone and tap the existing Gmail profile icon.
Then tap on Add another account and choose the account type as Google.
Now enter your smart phone password and you’ll be redirected to the Gmail sign-in page
Here you need to tap on forgot email tab and then you have to submit either your phone number or alternate recovery email whichever is associated with this Gmail account.
Once the recovery email or phone is submitted, enter your first and last name.
Thereafter, request the 6 digit verification code on your associated phone number or email.
Once you receive the code on the provided recovery option, enter this code and you will get your associated email ID’s on the screen.

Steps to recover Gmail password on smart phone

Gmail passwords can be recovered with several different methods based on the information that is updated on your Gmail account. Hence, all the possible recovery steps are stated below for your reference:

       Recover Google account with voice call or SMS
Whenever you enter your phone number, Google send you the 6 digit verification code on your phone via text message but now you can request the same code on your phone via voice call. To avail the voice call option for password recovery, you just need to follow some facile steps below:

·         Tap on forgot password link at the Gmail password page.
·         Then enter your phone number and Google will provide you the option of getting the code through textmessage or via voicecall
·         So, choose the voicecall option and you will get the 6 digit code on the call.
·         Just note down this code, enter it in the required field and reset your password.

       Recover Google account via recovery email
 Sometimes the phone number isn’t updated on your Gmail account hence, to recover Gmail account without the above things; you need an alternate email which is linked to this Gmail account. So, just enter the alternate email at the password recovery page and request the verification code on this email. Once the code is verified, you will get the password reset option.

john williams

Hai... I am forget my Gmail password.following to the  Forgot password its two verification 1st is mobile verification it's done 2nd is recovery Gmail verification. But recovery Gmail and forget Gmail is same. Than click to another way. It's a try again next. Times its processing continues to nearly one month. But couldn't recovery my Gmail account. Please help me. How to recovery my Gmail account.