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Speech Output Not Available for Google Home and Nest Products

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The ability to change the Speech Output for Google Home and Nest devices is unavailable on the Google Home app.  Because of this, all responses on Google Home or Nest devices are "full" and incredibly annoying.  This has been complaint from the community for years but Google has done nothing to fix it.  They literally just need to add back in the Speech Output option (which is present for your Android phone) for Google Home and Nest devices but that hasn't happened.  Why?


UPDATE: Had a call with Google support and it was atrocious.  Could barely understand the person on the other end due to a very thick accent, got disconnected three times (last time he never called back), and when he finally (after 30 minutes) came back with a "solution" it was a joke - didn't fix anything, as if he had no idea what I was asking.


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Community Specialist

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