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Help Google is price gouging / need to change wifi nest cams/Thoughts

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I am not happy with the Google people raising the annual renewal  fees on my nest cams ( I have 3) . I bought mine in 2018 .Nest Aware cameras for security. I have wifi and they are plugged into outlets . I use the Iphone apps to monitor the activitys .  I was paying $110.00 annually for the use of my 3 cameras at home .  Google thinks raising the fee to $180.00 annually in October is acceptable ?? No it is not. 

What are some of you members changing too? I need some ideas please and Im hoping they will be a few good suggestions.  I cant even figure how to get into the Google area where I would update my credit card on this new website layout now. No one to call even they make that impossible now. 






Are you by any chance on 1st gen Nest Aware subscriptions ($50, $30, and $30, respectively)? Our Nest Aware Plus subscription covering ALL of our cameras and doorbells (we have 10) is going from $120 to $150. (We migrated from a Nest Account to a Google Account in 2020, so we can use the newer subscription.)

We are going to stick with the subscription. It's been at $120/year since it was first introduced in May 2020, and our price won't increase to $150 until it renews in June 2024, so that's 4 years without an increase.

You can check your subscription here:

If you want to think about migrating from a Nest Account to a Google Account, see these FAQs:

How do I determine if I have 1st generation cameras .? I bought a set of 3 indoor black nest cameras in June 2018 . 
It’s also saying I’m updated on my nest app mb

I don’t want to join this nest renew thing as I do not have special thermostats or other devices at home . Just my 3 security nest cameras . And I believe I’m seeing some skipping of footage on the cameras at times too of live feed . Like when sone one I know comes in the door and it’s not showing up as a time stamp with them there always . Kinda wierd 


You have 3 1st gen Google Nest Indoor Cameras (based on the model number). Judging from your prices, you must have 1st gen Nest Aware subscriptions ($50, $30, and $30, for a total of $110), and that's increasing to $180.

If you migrate your Nest Account to a Google Account (which we did in 2020), then you can get the newer Nest Aware Plus subscription (10 days of 24/7 video history and 60 days of event video history) for the new price of $150, and it covers all of your cameras.

Here is the coverage you get with each subscription:

Here are Google Nest's FAQs on migrating:

If you are on an annual subscription, the price increase doesn't take effect until you have to renew your subscription.

You can view your subscription and update payment information here:

You don't need "Nest Renew". That's a program for customers with thermostats.

I don't know what you mean by "some skipping of footage" or what's going on with a missing time stamp. We have mostly 1st gen cameras and doorbells, with two 2nd gen cameras, with Nest Aware Plus, and get pretty good history and coverage. The 2nd gen cameras don't have time stamps at all.

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Community Specialist

Hello Sue3333,

I'd like to jump in here and check if you've seen MplsCustomer's response. Let us know if you need more help by replying to this thread.

I appreciate the help, @MplsCustomer.


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I did see his response and I plan to work on trying to work on what he told me to do maybe Friday . I’m having cataract surgery thurs morning and my eye will be real tender and blurry preventing me from working at my computer tomorrow so fingers crossed I maybe able to handle this project and his instructions . . I’m 70 and a bit slow at handling this computer stuff as it’s a bit confusing . I’ll get back with the group when I hopefully can get this done. Thanks so much 

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Community Specialist

Hi there Sue3333,


That sounds like a plan! No worries, we'll keep this thread open to ensure that everything will be taken care of. Please feel free to let us know if you have questions. 


I appreciate the input, @MplsCustomer and Edmond.