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Home app redirecting to Nest app

Community Member

I migrated my Nest account to Google Home about a year ago, but still use the Nest app. I recently purchased the floodlight camera, and it has me set up under Google Home. I can see all the cameras on the Google Home account,  but when I try viewing the history on any of my existing cameras, it directs me to the Nest app. Is there a way to transfer everything so I only need to use the Home app?


Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

Hi Jo62985!

When viewing the live stream of your older cameras within the Google Home app, you should be able to access recorded events by tapping the three dots in the top right and selecting full history. From this page, you will be able to view recorded events, and filter results to narrow down the results. At this time however, not all functionality from the older cameras is available in the Google Home app, this includes full access to your 24/7 history. Google has committed to bringing more functionality from the Nest app, to Google Home and you can read more about this in a recent blog which can be found here

I hope this helps. 

All the best,