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Can't add Nest Protect Smoke Detector to Google Home

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I've got a Nest Protect Smoke Detector connected to my home Wi-Fi network. The unit has been added to the app, and I receive push messages about upcoming alarm tests and so on. Everything technically works.

Also it appears I have successfully migrated my Nest account to a Google account (a while back). No option to migrate shows up in my account settings in the Nest app.

Here's where it gets tricky: I can't integrate it with my Google Home

If I open Google Home and try to add the Nest Protect detector as a native Google unit, it doesn't show up. And I don't see any recommendation that I activate some "discoverable mode" on it.

If I try to add the Nest detector as a "works with Google" option, and try to synchronize the Nest app with Google  Home (like I've done with a range of other smart products), I'm sent to a Nest login page. It's asking for my Nest registered e-mail and password.

I can't remember my Nest password. And if I click "forgot password" and enter my address, I receive no reset password e-mail. The only conveicable e-mail address is the only one I use for these things. 

The prompt I'm getting is: "Your email or password may be incorrect. You can try again. If you've migrated your account or want to create a new one, sign in with Google." I'd love to sign in with Google, if that popped up as an option

The only reason I've got access to the Nest app at all is that a one-click sign-in with Google was an option when I recently switched phones and reinstalled the app. 

My question: Is it possible to reset my Nest account password after migrating to Google? Can I somehow bypass the Nest login? How do I sign into Nest in the Nest window (via add product "Works with Google Home") using Google?

Apologies if there's a blatantly obvious fix elsewhere in the forum, but I couldn't seem to find this specific info.

Any nudge in the right direction would be much appreciated!


EDIT, February 10th 2022:

I got in touch with Google customer service, who confirmed that Nest Protect currently can't be added to Google Home. They know about the issue and are working on further Nest integration, but there's no way of knowing when.

Thank you to those who responded to my question.


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I'm having the same problem, Home won't accept my google password (lame since I can use it on my tower just fine), then when I click Forgot Password, it does not send an email link to create new one.

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Same problem. I did find the "sign in with Google" option on the "forgot my password" page but it just leaves me with another error message telling me to add it using the Google Home app. 

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Same problem here