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Nest Protect back plate for Nest Protect

Community Member


Ineed help getting a replacement backplate for a nest protect Gen 2.  I have read some of the other threads re this issue and have run up against the same hurdles - out of warranty, won’t sell me a backplate, go to a retail store (who refer me back to the manufacturer), etc.  I am hoping that someone on the Google team can help me out like they did in the other threads.  I would post in those but they have been locked.  Thanks in advance!


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Hi! I’m also in need of qty 2 Gen 2 mounting brackets. We are getting the same run around with being out of warranty. More than happy to pay but they won’t even let us buy. I have tried to find online but unsuccessful. Any assistance is much appreciated. 

Community Member

Same here.  I need backing plates as well