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Nest Protect offline - doesn't rejoin SSID

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I have a number of Nest Protects (2nd Gen I think). They all suddenly went offline and will not rejoin the Wifi SSID even with the correct credentials. Reset the network, Lost the Hello Doorbell and all nest Aware door tags also. Cameras OK and other devices on Wifi are fine. Tried holding Protect button to Network Check, and it flashes blue for a moment and says "Hello". No announcement about the network connectivity, good or bad.

Any suggestions?


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I have experienced the same type of event.  I have a wireless network with LG TV's, two (2) Nest Thermostats and three (3) Nest Protects (verified as 2nd generation). My Nest Protects will not communicate over the network.  I have worked with my internet provider to verify all the network specifications recommended by Nest for the network.  I have even split the 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz networks with separate names.  I was able to add all the devices back onto the network except the Nest Protects. Any suggestions?

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I’m experiencing a similar problem with 5 Nest Protects. They work individually, but will no longer connect to my WiFi. My Nest Thermostat works and is connected so not sure why all 5 Protects can’t be reconnected. The Protect Blue light operates, so there’s connection between the app and the Protect, but won’t connect. Comes up with an error and message P014. I’ve replaced the batteries and still all the blue icons rotate and no connection. I haven’t as yet reset all the units, but have replaced batteries even though I shouldn’t have had two as the units are only 3 years old.

Can anyone help me to reconnect them please. 

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Same issue. 


I have 3 Nest Protects that went offline a month ago and I have tried everything to figure out why, with Nest customer support absolutely no help reading the same script over and over and not answering any of my questions.


I get multiple errors like P004, P005, P006, P014, P021, etc. I have done the following to try to fix:


1. Check Nest Service Status -- It's fine

2. Make sure Local Network Access is enabled -- it is

3. Make sure the Nest app version is up to date -- it is

4. Make sure your home Wifi is working -- it is

5. Move closer to your router -- ok, but they have been working fine for years, did this anyway just for kicks

6. Restart your router -- did this

7. Reset your Nest Protect and Mobile Device -- did this to 2 out of 3 Nest Protects

8. Check the settings on your Wifi router or access point -- A. Network bands: I have a dual band router for gigabit internet, so 5ghz was already blacklisted, and 2.4ghz was white listed. However, these were separated and black/whitelisted at the exact time Nest Protects went down. B. Parental controls or firewall security: I do not have high firewall controls to block communication. Nor did I turn any on at any time. C. Enable IPv6 -- ok, but why would I have to do this if they were working for years? Went ahead and did this, no dice.


My theories:


1. Mac addresses of each device are somehow blocked. However, I can't get them because I removed all the Protects from the app so that I could add them again. I asked customer support to give me the Mac addresses and they had no idea what I was talking about and said to them from my ISP. I am now panicked that because I removed the devices to start over, that I can't see the "technical information" info in order to get the Mac addresses. However, there are no devices on the denied list shown.


2. I port forwarded 443 and 8883 in order to trouble shoot the UltraLock smart lock which constantly has the Bridge stop working. Does this have anything to do with Nest Protect going down? Customer support had no idea what I was talking about, and refused to connect me with someone who wasn't reading a script.


Can someone please help? It is not safe for me to not have smoke/carbon monoxide detectors functioning in my home. I also rent out my house sometimes to help offset medical bills while I stay with my family, and I have an official Airbnb permit with the city of Portland which permits random inspections at any time. I have 3 Nest Protects which were not cheap, as Airbnb permits require one in every room.


Can anyone help on this thread?