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Nest Protect

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My previous Nest Protect expired so I repurchased. As I'm going through the setup on the App, I'm asked to go to my WiFi Settings and select the Nest-XXXX device. I'm then rendered the following two screenshots ... It first appears Protect is briefly connecting to LLEj9 but as you'll see in the second screenshot it states No Internet Connection. My internet connection is pretty strong and I've already deleted my WiFi network from my iphone which required a manual reconnection using my network password - I was able to successfully re-establish my WiFi network on my iphone so I know I'm entering the correct password when attempting to setup the Nest Protect. 

Is this a known bug for Gen2 ? Any guidance would be extremely helpful ... otherwise, I need to return this device for the second time -- I returned my first replacement due to the same issues, thinking the Protect device was defective .. 

Image 1.jpeg


Image 2.jpeg


thanks, Lawrence