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Nest Wont Connect P018 Error, but I have no other Nest Devices

Community Member

Hello, I have been attempting to connect my Nest Protect to my wifi for the past 4 hours.  


I keep getting P018 which according to google means its an issue adding additional Nest Products.  The problem is this is my first Nest product I am setting up so I shouldn't been seeing this error.

For more info I have 3 Google Dots that are all unplugged and no other smart devices.

My router has pretty much all security features stripped off at this point and still no luck!


Community Member

What I would normally try

1.  Set wifi to only 2.4GHz and switch off the 5GHz channel.  For some reason, most devices can only connect on 2.4GHz and I used to have the same Wifi name for both 5GHz and 2.4GHz channel so this eliminates one possibility

2.  If you have WPA2/WPA3 (Personal) security settings, don't set this on.  I was wondering why my devices kept disconnecting at regular intervals until I remembered that I changed this setting.  Now back on WPA/WPA2 (Personal)

That's all I can think of without knowing more.