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Adding a second Nest Thermostat

Community Member

There is no option to Add a new device in the Setup  section of the App. How do I set up my new Nest Therostat?


Community Member

In the Nest app, click on the settings icon in the upper right and then scroll down the list until you see:  + Add Product

By pulling down in the screen, I found a plus (+) at the top left. It opened a new page with a "+ Set up device " option. Unfortunately, at the WiFi setup point, it does not see any WiFi network at all, and there is no more way to find or enter password. This is a second Thermostat that I am setting up to control a second zone in my home.

Set up the device in the Google Home app first - that gets it communicating with wifi. Then you should be able to add the device in the Nest app

Community Member

The Google Home app does not see any WiFi network. That's why I can't connect to WiFi.