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Away mode does not switch off hot water (UK)

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Is there any way to make Away mode also stop  water heating immediately, as well as heating, rather than waiting 48 hours?

If I select Away mode, Nest should not override my choice to stop all energy consumption in my home whilst I am not there.  onto using your heat water for another 48 hours seems non-sensical and is a profligate waste of energy, and my money!

Regardless of any rationale for this (I can’t imagine one!) at the very least this should be a user-selectable option.

Despite having better reviews than other smart thermostats, I have been very disappointed with the lack of features and lack of facilities (eg Smart TRV’s) available for Nest users. I’m considering changing to a Hive system.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey @patrickinperson,


I understand how this feature may seem inconvenient in the context of leaving for long periods of time, but the reason the feature has been created this way is because the Hot Water needs to follow the schedule even when you are out to ensure that the water will be hot by the time you need it. If it would completely stop when the home is in 'Away' mode, it would be inconvenient for every day use as it would stop the heating process when you leave for work or other short period absences.   

Hi Ana, and thanks for replying, but Nest is making choices for me that I would not make myself, and which waste energy. It would be preferable if this choice was made user-selectable.

My water heats up within 30 to 45 minutes, whereas my house is old and takes much longer to heat up. If I am away for 2 days and choose to set away mode, the entire system should follow that instruction. I’m quite happy to switch the heating and water back on remotely when I know what time I will be home - I have to do that anyhow to ensure the house is warm for my return. 
I take your point about geolocation but I find that very unpredictable and prefer to switch it off.

Thank you


We understand your point of view, however this is how the product is designed and there's not much we can do about it. If you want to share your feedback about several functionality ideas of the app or device, please do so here: 

Thanks for your reply and I will do as you suggest although I would have thought the demand for this feature is obvious, especially now with energy so expensive and Nests claims to reduce energy costs. I must say that despite Nest coming out best in the reviews I read before purchase, in practice I have been disappointed with it. In addition to the irrational choices it makes about how much energy I am willing to waste, I am also disappointed there are no simple options for Smart TRV’s which I have realised I need. As a recent purchaser of Nest I don’t know how good it was originally but it seems to me Google has made no effort to think about the customer and what they may need. It’s an expensive piece of kit and with hindsight I really wish I had purchased a Hive unit instead.

We understand. Thanks for your feedback. In this case, I'll have to close this thread. Should anything else come up, please open another thread and we'll take it from there. Have a good one and stay safe!