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Change fuel type

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I put this under the wiring and system compatibility but it's not a compatibility issue.

I recently moved into a new home that has two furnaces and two thermostats. I brought my old nest thermostat E with me and hooked it up and it works great. For the other thermostat, I bought a new nest thermostat because it came significantly discounted from my electric/gas company and installed it. It worked, but it would work better with a c wire. I checked the wiring and I couldn't connect one and I don't want to buy the adapter. Furthermore, I don't like that it was controlled in the google home app (not the nest app). So, I went online and bought a used nest thermostat E. I factory reset it and connected it like I did for my old one (both furnaces in my house are identical and both of the previous thermostats were identical). However, this nest thermostat E was bought from someone who lives in Florida and I live in Michigan. Even though I factory reset it, when I go to equipment, it displays electric cooling only, no heating source. There is no option under settings, equipment, to change my fuel type. It thinks only a Y1 wire and R wire are attached to it. I confirmed my W1 wire and G wire are attached. I reset it again and still have the same issue. There is no setting to change the fuel type in the app or on the device itself. I even went into the pro settings and it only displays Y1 and R. The rest of the connections are greyed out. If anyone can help me out, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!


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I've been able to determine that the base plate was broken. I did this by attaching my nest to this base plate and there was the same issue. I also attached the nest thermostat that I bought to the old base plate that I had and it worked fine. So the new base plate that I bought wasn't working right so the nest doesn't detect those wires. This topic can be closed.

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Hi ajshadrach,


Thanks for posting and updating us on what you've done to have your concern rectified.


Feel free to let us know if you have other questions or concerns by starting a new thread — We're happy to help.