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Heat blowing cold

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Lately my heat blows cold air when set to heat. FYI I do not have AC. I have found that if I turn the nest off or reset the unit the heat works fine but recently has started to revert back to cool. It is 20 degrees here in Boston and I do not need this problem right now. 


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I have had similar issue twice in the past two months.  In both situations, happened yesterday at my cabin and pipes almost froze, the HVAC system was circulating air but Nest was not sending Heat Demand signal although it displayed orange as if it was on.  For both my situations, I had to remove the Nest unit from the backplane and perform a complete restart.   A simple power cycle (remove 24VAC from furnace/thermostat) did not work.   Others have stated that there are some backplane issues.   Also, double check your schedule as others are posting that Nest is randomly inverting heat vs. cool.    It seems I'm not the first to consider ditching Nest for something else more reliable like the Honeywell programmable that was working flawlessly.  These failures for me almost caused substantial damage to my property with frozen pipes as I live 3 hr. away from my cabin.   Forgot to mention, I have received notifications that my Temperatures have returned to normal when indeed they were not displaying as such.

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