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Home/away not responding on one of two phones.

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I have a gen3 nest thermostat. Home/away will not turn eco on or off for my wife’s phone however it knows she’s home because if I leave the nest won’t turn to away and if we both leave it switches to away. However, if I leave and then she leaves an hour later it also does not switch to away mode. Nor does it switch to home when just her arrives home. 

I’ve tried turning off google presence sensing on her phone and just using the nest app and Vice versa. No other nest products are turn on for “what decides if your home” strictly using phone locations. 

my question is what are the correct settings to set both our phones too so that home/away works properly? 


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey Richiesemtner, 


Thanks for posting and for providing a detailed description of your concern. 


Just to confirm, is your wife logged into the Nest app of her phone using her own email address and password or is she sharing the same email and password that you're using to login to your phone's Nest app? Also, when was this thermostat installed?


I strongly suggest that you go through this article and try the suggested troubleshooting steps. 





Thanks. Her phone is logged into her own account. I completely deleted her from google home sharing. Removed both apps and started over. For now it is working… Nest has been installed for 3 years 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Richiesemtner, 


Thanks for the prompt response an d for keeping us in the loop on what you've done to resolve it — glad to hear that it is now working again as expected. 


Feel free to reach out should you need any of our help again, we'll just be here.