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L and E/AUX wires from a Honeywell thermostat to be attached in Google indoor Nest Thermostat

Community Member

My present Honeywell thermostat has L and  E/AUX wires as indicated in the picture.Honeywell Wires.jpg

Google Nest has no such terminals. Where should these wires be attached in Google Nest.

Please help


Community Member

I have the same Honeywell thermostat with the same "L" and "E" wires.  There is no response from Google Nest that I can find.  Did you get this figured out?  If so, could you share where those wires go?  #########


The tech installer suggested by Google Nest inspected my HVAC system and stated that the free Google Indoor Nest thermostat given by my utility provider will not work with my HVAC system controlled by my current Honeywell thermostat shown in my post above.  They suggested that it would require a Google Nest Learning Thermostat and advised me to buy one if I wished to change to the Google Nest Thermostat. The installer company also returned my installation fees paid online.