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Linking a NEST thermostat to the NEST app.

Community Member

My NEST thermostat is no longer connected to my NEST app. It says "Add product" instead of showing the circle with a red color when heating and allowing the temperature to be controlled.  When I try to reconnect it says it is already connected. Solution?


Community Member

i think now the old nest app is no longer in use.

update to the new #google_home app.

Community Member

aargh. I'm having the same issue... I just set it up last month. It took an hour 😞 Now I have to do it all again???

Community Member

yea the new google home app covers more gear for the home.

but it does work ok...

it still needs a real tweak for the gui (graphic user interface for the non geeks out there)

and needs a wider temp range for the min and max temps.

i am working on a write up for the hacks for work arounds on these issues.