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Nest 3rd generation thermostat will not connect to Nest app on my iPhone

Community Member


I have a Nest 3rd generation learning thermostat. I am not able to add the thermostat to my nest app. When I try adding the thermostat, I am getting TD023 error. I have tried below,

- Rebooted my internet router and modem

- Reset the  thermostat by erasing all settings 

The thermostat connecting to the internet just fine and I can see the latest weather information also on thermostat display. But the thermostat will not connect to the Nest app. I have other nest products nest cam and nest doorbell that are working just fine and connected fine in my Google Home app. I am also not able to connect the thermostat to Google Home. I think Thermostat will only connect to nest app. 

Any pointers on how to resolve this issue?