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Nest App says Offline, even when online

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I can rarely control my heating because the app says its Offline, even when I select help and it accesses online help.

What happens is that I'll try to turn up the temperature, but it reports Offline (and wifi is working).

However, if I change he temperature on the thermostat, the app immediately goes orange and updates. So clearly it can communicate.

I have WiFi Neff and Miele appliances, all of which work remotely (although low tech) and Vanderbilt Alarm (High tech secure and never once failed) but Nest is the only device I cannot access remotely).

My phone is an S22 Ultra and should have no issues.

Can I do anything to get remote access to my heating? Can I upgrade the firmware on the thermostat or is the only solution to put in Hive system?



Community Member

We are having the same problem.  I have Xfinity internet.  The Thermostat says connected, but my phone says offline. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi folks,


I'm sorry to hear that you couldn't access your Nest thermostats because they were offline in the Nest app. Let's see what's going on.


Router settings issues and environmental issues (too far from the router, interference, power/internet outages, and so on) are some of the reasons your thermostat went offline. Try signing in to the Nest website and see if you can access your thermostats at home.


Also, have a look at this guide to troubleshoot when Nest thermostat is offline and let us know if that helps.


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Hi all,


I'm just checking in to make sure that you've seen my response. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.


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Hi folks,

Just one quick final check in here since activity has slowed down. We'll be locking the thread in the next 24 hours, but if you still need help, I would be happy to keep it open. If there's more we can do, just let me know.