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Nest Heat Link

Community Member

Thermostat is not connecting to heat link.

There is power to the heat link but no light showing. 

I have had an electrician look at it today, he tried to reset it but it still isn’t working.
The thermostat is showing a H71  error message.

I noticed this, this morning, it has been working fine prior to this as I have been using my heating.

I have had this for less than 2 years and didn’t expect to have issues already, is there anyway to get a replacement please?


Community Member

Hi Vic86,

Unfortunately nu solution from me... Since this afternoon I have exactly the same problem 😞

The Heatlink has power but no lights come on. Also not after pressing the button for 20 or 30 seconds. On the thermostat there is de H72 error.

How can I get this problem fixed? We do not have any heating in our house now which makes it cold....!!

Can someone help us?


Kind regards,

Community Member

Me too… has a corrupt update been pushed to the heat link? I see many of us have the same similar issues.

Community Member

I’ve got the same issue. If I plug the heat link in with the micro USB it has power but still no power to the thermostat control.


Sounds like it could a duff update has killed our heatlinks?

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There is a two year warranty on these. Mine was around 15-18 months old and Google Nest have agreed to replace free of charge and cover the new installation costs (£100 max).

Whilst I am hoping to get a quick delivery on the replacement unit, Google have said the would cover the cost for a ‘temporary’ basic thermostat too, plus installation (£30 plus £100 max).

Whilst my Nests Thermostats premature failure is very inconvenient, Google must be congratulated for doing everything in their power to resolve. What’s more, I have not had to enter into protracted conversations arguing my rights. 

Community Member

I also contacted Google helpdesk via phone yesterday and after quite a long call with a very friendly guy (45 minutes) they told me they wil send me a new Heatlink! My Nest is a little more then two year's old so I am really happy with this solution! The Heatlink should arrive today or tomorrow.


Hopefully al of you with the same problem get it fixed quickly!

Community Member

Woke up this morning with H71 error (device purchased almost 2 years ago, so glad I am still covered by the warranty) and dead Heatlink (which didn't respond to any troubleshooting - no lights on reset - seems like a very common problem lately). Managed to reach out to the Google Nest team on Sunday, who promised to call back and offer a replacement. Not sure how long this might take to arrive, but with 14C outside (I know it's not that bad) the indoors temperature has dropped to 19C, which is extreme to me.