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Nest Thermostat not tracking inside temperature history

Community Member

I have been enjoying my Nest Thermostat very much, but it doesn't seem to be tracking the history of my inside temperature.  I see it tracks the history of when my heating system is turned on and off - and for how long - and it shows what the target temperature is at any point, but it does not show what the actual  temperature is over time.  Am I missing something, or is this feature not supported?  This would be really useful and presumably quite easy to add as a feature.  For example, at night, I set the target temperature to 10 degrees, and it would be useful to see what the temperature actually drops to rather than just the target.  It would also be useful to see the ramp-up curve as the new comfort temperature is set for the morning.


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I completely agree. I bought 7 thermostats for my new house, I thought I could've seen Room's temperature history, but it seems to be no way to do it. Not even by API.

Sounds absurd, are you planning to implement it? It would be really useful to overlap activation and Room's temperature, just the same that you can do with competitor's thermostats...

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Completely agree. Even just viewing the last month of temperature readings would be handy. 

I have not long had roof insulation done and I have not been able to get a comparison done. As today would have been brilliant to see how well it performs. To see if it was worth the money. 

But today my roof room was 33.5°C. would have loved to see what it was last week without my roof insulation. 

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Inside temperature history really seems to be a basic, fundamental function that is missing.

How to do I check that the system is working properly if the temperature history isn't recorded?
It's a learning thermostat, what is it learning? How do I check that it is getting better without info?

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi ExpWoodsman,


Thanks for posting. I understand that having a feature to track the ambient temperature would be helpful. Our team is always looking for ways to improve and we'll take this as feedback. You can also click on this link to learn more about how your Nest Thermostat learn.