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Nest Thermostat stuck on "continue set up in google home app"

Community Member

I have the Google nest thermostat with the reflective face I belive its the 2023 model. I've been having issuesbwith the cooling so I reset the device. Now it's stuck on "continuebset up in the Google home App." 

I saw other posts suggest restarting the mobile device and wifi but still doesn't work. Also deleted the home and reset structure on Google Home but still stuck. Please advice


Community Member

Here's the nest model


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi RM01,


Thanks for posting in the Google Nest Community forum. Your Nest Thermostat needs to be set up in the Google Home app. Check if your thermostat icon is still visible in your Google Home app. If yes, tap your thermostat icon, and go to settings to remove the product. 

After that, remove your thermostat batteries and put them back in. Once done, go to the Google Home app and add your thermostat there. 


After your Nest Thermostat has been detected by your Home app, you can select a language and perform a quick system power test.

Your Home app will ask some questions about your heating or cooling system and the thermostat will calibrate its temperature sensor for your home.