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Nest has gone crazy

Community Member

Any help massively appreciated!

So my brother installed our Nest thermostat about 6 months ago and everything worked fine. Controls our hot water, great, heating, great!

3 months ago we had builders come into the house and renovated a lot of it. Basically the Nest was turned off for about 6 weeks and since it’s come back on its had good days, bad days, and simply bizarre days!

It started with no hot water, despite it all being on in the app. 
Then hot water just started working one day miraculously and it also heated up the bottom half of our upstairs radiators at the same time - just the upstairs ones. Our builder advised bleeding the radiators as we’ve had a new bathroom installed so the plumbers drained the system apparently. Did that and the radiators now ALL get hot when the hot water kicks in. 100% on the app, the heating is set to OFF. Yet the hot water coming on turns all the radiators on. 
Now today, another issue….no hot water….at all….even when on schedule and when boosted….BUT, when we turn the hot water on….the radiators still come on….but no hot water…..arghhhhhhh.

Finally, we can get hot water by turning the immersion on, which I’ve had to do this evening but that ALSO turns the radiators on….but only UPSTAIRS!

Any help please?

Our builders claim that they haven’t had any reason to interfere with the Nest at all and I’m inclined to believe them, maybe I’m wrong to do so??…my brother who installed it is not a qualified plumber but knows what he’s doing, however, he’s away for a few weeks so unable to help.