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Nest learning thermostat temperature

Community Member

I can’t get the thermostat to change to what I want the temp to be. Also, I hate this thermostat. But how do I get it to change? I tell it to get warmer and it doesn’t.  Can anyone help? I’ve deleted the schedule and reset it a half a dozen times.


Community Member

What is It doing when you try to increase the heat? Does the light come on? Does it give you an estimated time it will take to heat that new temperature?

I too had an issue with it not hearing as well and someone on another thread suggested to turn off the safety temperature settings and that has worked for me so far. It now warms according to schedule all day and night (as well as any manual increase/decrease). I live in Georgia so that is not as big a deal for me as it would be for someone who lived in a much colder state/location.

I have also seen in other threads someone suggest that you simply remove the device from your account and then reset it completely, go through all of the settings to reconfigure it as if it were a new installation and finally added back to your account. That seemed to work for some others. If you have not tried either of those I would suggest giving those a try.

Apparently it seems to be some glitch with the software/firmware version 6.2–22 Good luck!


UPDATE 01/13/22 - Stopped working after a few days and went back to initial issue - unfortunately. Back to square one.