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Nest thermostat not turning on heat

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Hi.  I have an issue where my Nest thermostat will not turn on heat until it reaches safety temp.  This happens in manual Heat mode or Eco mode. It can definitely switch on the heat because it comes on once safety limit (45’) is reached.  Also it used to work, this is a new issue. 


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I'm having this same issue. It seems a lot of other people are experiencing it - there's a long thread about it here:

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Did you ever figure out a solution? 

We’ll it sure.   Never got anything from Google but curiously my firmware updated  6.1.1-21 which I believe is reverting back.  Anyway after that “update” it seems to be working again. 

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Community Member

Wanted to share what worked for me. We had both of our thermostats set to Eco with the lower temp being 13 degrees BUT the heat would not turn on until it reached the safety temperature of 7. Obviously not good!

I actually didn’t notice this for a couple months because this was our cottage and we do not go there in the winter. 

To fix it, I turned off the Safety Temperature temporarily. 

Here are the steps:

1.  Turn off the Safety Temperature. 
2. Turn the thermostat to Eco and adjust the temp by a degree or two. 
3. The heat turned on. 
4. I left the Safety Temp off for a few hours and monitored the temperature remotely. 
5. The temperature was increasing, good. 
6. After it increased a few degrees, I turned the Safety Temp back on to 7 degrees. (Eco was set to 13). 
7. One thermostat did turn off when I turned on the Safety Temp, but I just turned the Safety Temp off again, adjust the Eco temp by a degree and the heat turned back on. Then I was able to turn on the Safety Temp again. 

I’ve been monitoring it remotely for the last two days and everything seems to be working. I also lowered the Eco temp to 10 degrees with no issues.