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Nest thermostat won't heat. My nest thermostat says it heating but no heat is coming out.

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nest Thermostat says it's heating but no heat is coming out.


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Mine is doing the same thing! My husband had to stay up almost all night re-setting the furnace to get it to work. Our nest was set to 70 and it was stuck at 64 and “heating” but no hot air was coming out

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Same here. It eventually blows heat as usual, but only after 2-3 hours of *thinking* it's doing it.

So this wasn't a Nest problem, but a heater problem. It was wired for "low heating" mode, meaning it drew less power but was less effective and thus would run for hours overnight, then shut down for a "time out" for a few more hours. Service pro reset that on the rooftop unit to "normal heating" mode and all is good!!

thank you, very helpful.  I've got a service pro coming next week so will ask them about this.

And FYI- my furnace is a Goodman (Amana) GPK14.

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same here, the thermostat indicates it is on and heating but we've been getting no heat for 5-6 hours, I'm getting zero help from Nest Support website and blogs.  Horrible product, horrible support.

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It has to do with 6.2-22 -- let me guess, it stopped working sometime in late October or early November. 


Let me also guess, YOU NEVER HAD AN ISSUE BEFORE? 

How am I doing? 


Wow, good crystal ball!  Is there a fix and how does one get it?

thank you

Man who knows? I've been debating getting and Ecobee or Wyze, but I've got the nest camera too so I'm holding out hope that the weather will stay decent and a fix will.come. 

I can tell you that if I turn on the AC it works delay...anything. 

My problem was solved. See above!