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Nest will go into eco mode like we're not home (eco mode is turned off)

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Device software - 6.2-22

Issue:  I work from home and there are periods when there are hours between times when there's movement in front of my thermostat.  I have all of the eco functions turned OFF, but the thermostat will still go into eco mode and not cool my house.  It's ~60 outside and ~75 in the house (I have it set for 68).

The A/C will only kick on when I walk in front of the unit (faceplate will illuminate) or use the app to fiddle with the setting (turn it cooler a degree, then back to 68).

Is anyone else having issues with these things always in eco mode even though you've turned all that off?


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Hey friend,

I am experiencing this exactly.  What I have come to realize is that you are in 'away' mode which will trigger an automatic 'eco mode'.  It will launch into whatever settings are within that mode.  I made a post how it goes into 'away' mode and started to blast my air conditioning even though we are in the middle of winter here in Canada.


If you haven't figured it out, you probably won't get any help from nest.  I suggest going into the away settings and disabling everything you can find related to 'eco' or 'away'.  It is beyond useless.

Not so different though it's cold and winter here. Nest goes to eco mode and when I just walk in (or start to shiver, if already home) it is impossible to exit ECO from mobile. Seems i need to visit the thermostat before it knows I'm home. Reminds me of early "smart home" comedy 50yrs ago - the sophisticated college prof showing off his sound sensitive kitchen exhaust - but instead of snapping or clapping for the fan slave, the handy tambourine was the only way to activate the sensor. 

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I cannot complain more. My nest goes into Eco mode in the middle of the night and the temperature drops. I would hope that next used location to identify if you’re away or not

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Did any of you happy to enroll in eco mode with your power company?  That was the culprit for me, someone else was controlling when I went into eco mode...was painful until I figured that out!

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I'm having the exact same issue! Working at home and have disabled all the sensing and away crap and notice the temp has gone up so I check my app and what? ECO Mode! It does it when we leave the house too! I'm going to see if there's anything I've missed regarding sensing or away! 🤔🙄😜

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Check if you enrolled with your power company into eco savings.  That was the culprit for me, I had to call in to cancel.

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I am not enrolled in any power company program. We have the same problem - Eco mode starts while we are home - usually in the afternoon when we don’t walk past it much.