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New Nest Thermostats, wires, wirless & dispair!

Community Member

Hi guys, I'll apologise in advance. This question may come across as ridiculous but I am tearing my hair out and cannot seem to find a definitive answer..... so I'm hoping some of the more knowledgeable members of this community may be able to help steer me in the right direction.

We moved into our new house back in June. It's an old Victorian house (in the UK) and is spread over three floors. We had the place renovated over eight months prior to moving in. Our plumber advised us on fitting a three zoned heating system (one zone per floor) and we opted to buy three 3rd Gen Nest thermostats to control the zones.

The electrician advised that they were wireless and wouldn't require hard wiring however since we set them up, we've had nothing but connectivity issues. The house is large and distances from the thermostat units back to the heatlink unit are around 20m... however factoring in thick walls etc, we are thinking that this is the problem.

I spoke to Google support who were really helpful and after a 'video call' with them where I showed the support tech our installation at the boiler end.... he said "If you hard wire these units instead of wireless, I guarantee they will never disconnect again". I spoke to the electrician who said that he couldn't understand how that worked as there were only a positive and negative wire going to the thermostat.

I've searched and searched for more information but haven't come up with any definitive answers. Does the Nest 3rd Gen communicate using the +ve / -ve wires and some kind of PWN / Powerline signal layer or is the Google tech just giving me a bums steer and they are only wireless? We're happy to get our sparky to run cables if needed but just want to be sure it's worth the effort and cost to do this or whether Nest Thermostats are not suitable for this property (I'll be gutted if this is the case!) because they are Wireless only back to the Heatlink.

Many thanks in advance