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No heat into the house but the unit states “heating “

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We put in a nest thermostat, checked the wiring, got the okay from the nest site. The heat has not worked since it was started. The display states “heating” but no heat.? The outside unit kicks on but the blower never starts. We did get a little warmth out of the return air vents but not much. At a loss at this time. Not sure why the air return has heat coming out.


Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

You need to post pics of the old tstat wiring and the Nest wiring.

Describe the kind of system you have. Gas heat or Heat pump with electric aux heat etc etc.

Houptee -- NJ Master HVAC Licensed Contractor

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Camma04,

I just wanted to jump in real fast to see if you saw Houptee's reply and to see if you had that info to share or to see if you had already sorted things out. If you are still needing some help, just let us know and we'll be happy to continue helping.